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04 March 2007 @ 06:08 pm
Let me s tart out first by mentioning that hardly anyone showed up. Now if you might recall, I sent an email out to each and every one of the members of this group on February third, and within it I informed people of the meeting. Either people didn't open the email, deleted the email, did not READ t he email in it's entirety, or simply chose not to come.. Either way, I think at one time we had MAYBE six people there, and considering we have 30 some odd members, that's a disappointment.


Now that that has been set aside, I shall summarize as best I can what was covered at the meeting.

First things first, recently, a member of this group, Katana Male, had been removed from our membership. This person stole from three members, and took advantage of their trust, among other things. That position is now open for recruitment.

That brings me to the next objective: Recruiting. We need a Sephiroth. Badly. Preferably a male one [for fangirl purposes. It's easier to get attention that way.] It is IMPERATIVE that we find one soon, we cannot do our skits without him. He is in many, many appearances and is the backbone of the story we have planned out.

Second, Reeve is a position we hope to fill. Though we can work around not having him, it still would make it easier. Keep in mind the Reeve we are using is from the ORIGINAL GAME. Which means Blue suit, no fancy coat like in Dirge of Cerberus.

I have also been informed that the kids who were to be our military police for the gun salute are no longer interested in performing with us. I am hoping that we can find some people [preferably ones in Connecticut] who would be willing to be Military Police, practice, and perform the gun salute several times at the con. This is a pipe dream at this point I think. I'd accept even if some of you members wouldn't mind doing it, but that's probably too much to ask at this point. That would require you to make another costume and such.

Okay, Script.. Our scriptwriter was removed from the group. I CAN NOT WRITE THE SCRIPT MYSELF. I NEED HELP. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! Seriously. I cant do this alone.

Also, props and things to sell.. Some great ideas circulated amongst the few of us, including the following. [Things that people have offered to do have been marked with an asterisk*]:

Personalized ShinRa IDs *
Wigs *
EMR Props
CD custom soundtrack *
Buster sword props

We want to raffle things off. People buy raffle tickets and we give things away. We can give away some shirts, keychains, ect ect things that we may have in abundance.. But mostly, I need to know if anyone can donate anything for that. Prefferably something FFVII or Shin-Ra related.

There was also an idea for a custom commission order form, that is a good idea and we will use it.

Another idea was to actually have recruitment forms to sign up for the group as. These would be MP and SOLDIER forms, of course.

I may be missing a thing or two, It got very late by the time we wrapped up, so forgive me if I've forgotten something.

DONATIONS. So far only two members have donated. We cannot make you donate, but at the same time, if no one wants to put forth money, we wont be able to afford to produce things like tee shirts or anything to sell later on. Above all, that would mean that all our profits would come from the things we sell.. It's a vicious circle.

As always, I must stress. IF YOU DO NOT CONTRIBUTE EITHER WITH THINGS TO SELL OR SCRIPT STUFF, YOU WILL GET ABSOLUTELY *NO* FINANCIAL AID FROM THE GROUP. Give a little to get a little. ALL PROPS OR ITEMS MADE FOR THE GROUP WILL BE REFUNDED MATERIALS **ONLY**! ALL PROFIT AFTER MATERIAL COST WILL BE FOR THE GROUP. The only thing you lose out of the deal is time. The money for this group goes towards getting us to conventions, providing us with food, places to stay, and more things to sell. We need to build up our bank before we can do this, and without your help, that will not happen.

Contact elena if you want to know how to donate.

To be specific: Say you make 100 key chains, and we sell 75. We will refund you the material cost of 75 key chains, and will continue to refund you materials for each one we sell the next con, ect ect. Eventually, we wont need you to spend your own money to make them anymore, and can provide you with the materials outright. But for NOW, this has to be the way it works.

We are currently holding a poll for a logo, I would like you to check the general section of the forum and vote, please. This will be used for tee-shirts, posters, and other things as well.

Oh, and one last thing. I have been getting a lot of "Oh I don't look at the forums anymore." This is UNACCEPTABLE. I post a lot of IMPORTANT news on that forum, and if you can't find the time to check it once or twice a week, then why are you in this group? It shows you have no interest in helping us, or in participating at all. I am getting a little tired of people telling me they don't know what's going on because they haven't checked anything. It is NOT my job to baby you and make you go look at the things I've posted. As a member of the group, you should have enough INTEREST to WANT to know what's going on, and take the initiative to look on your own.

With that said, I am no longer going to point people in the direction of the forums anymore whenever I post something important. Those who get left behind get removed, because this is causing me a lot more stress than I can really handle.

I think that is all for now. I hope to hear from at least some of you with some sort of positive news shortly.

---Rufus ShinRa


[x-posted here, will also be the monthly email.]
02 March 2007 @ 10:34 pm
*looks around*

This community never got used, much. o.o
04 October 2006 @ 11:02 am
Welcome to the community, everyone. Hopefully you'll utilize this for those of you who do not use the forums at all.. *eyes people*.. This isn't necessarilly an in-character deal, though you can if you want to.